We live in a consumer driven society. Everything is for and about the consumer. The consumer is King. Strangely, churches seem to have gravitated towards this same pragmatic concept. We believe this to be a hindrance to our upward call in Christ Jesus. The church is not about the consumer; the church exists for the glory of God; it’s about the glory of God through the exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the supreme Lord and King. We believe this is best modelled in the church by; proclaiming the gospel in whatever context the Lord may have placed us, by preaching and teaching the scriptures exegetically, raising up faithful men who are able to teach others, and, equipping the body with sound doctrine that it may edify itself in love until we all come to the unity of the faith.

We invite you to join us, a body comprised of weak, sinful and needy people dependent upon, and rejoicing in the sufficiency of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to be intentional in all that we do. On Sunday morning’s we gather for the preaching of the Word, followed by the opportunity to address the sermon during which Sunday school is provided for toddlers through high school. Wednesday nights, we gather for an exegetical bible study and Saturday nights for prayer meeting. May your heart and minds be drawn to the Lord Jesus and your joy found in Him.

Jake Klassen